Meet the Designer

Cheryl M. Altschuler, Fashion Director of Cheri Fashions, LLC

Ms. Altschuler received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Fashion Design from the prestigious Pratt Institute of New York in 2006. Recent presentations of her distinguished collections include:

Cheryl M. Altschuler - Women's Clothing
PLITZS Fashion Show
  New York City, February 11, 2012, Warwick Hotel, NY
"Rogues Gallery Presents" NYC Fashion Show
  September 2010, February 2011
"Baltimore, MD Fashion Week"
   2008, 2009
"Virginia's Fashion Week"
  2008, 2010, 2011
Fall/Winter Designer's Premier
  Select NY, Fashion Gallery PR, February 12, 2012,
  Helen Mills Event Space, NY
NYC "MICA Runway" for Deaf Haitian Children
"Fashion for Hope" Charity Fashion Event
   Washington, D.C., 2009

A Fresh & Perky Look

Cheri Fashions, LLC's collection features one-of-a-kind, handmade, customized, and unique women's evening, couture, and ready-to-wear outfits. You are sure to look fabulous with vibrant colored prints combined with stretch cotton and velour fabrics highlighted with faux fur, faux leather, and other trims. 

Be ready to be amazed as Ms. Altschuler provides a fresh and perky look for all ages with her designs. Her creative use of stretch fabrics in her fashion creations allows women of all shapes and sizes to look stunning.

Inspired by Nature

Ms. Altschuler gets her inspiration from natural pristine environments, such as rainforests and oceans. She uses a variety of colors in her designs, inspired by animals and their surrounding natural habitats.  

A significant portion of her creations is inspired by metamorphosis, such as when a caterpillar goes through different stages to turn into a beautiful butterfly. As such, Ms. Altschuler designs outfits allowing the individual to mix and match pieces for many fashionable activities. These pieces are versatile enough to go from daywear to evening wear.

Learn more how you can enjoy sassy and unique women’s clothing designed by Ms. Altschuler when you contact us in Columbia, Maryland.